CBD has become widely popular in recent years for having similar health benefits with the THC contained in medical marijuana without causing the psychoactive effects and high.

One of the most commonly asked questions by those who want to try this new, legal supplement is, how long does CBD take to work?

In this article, we’ll answer that and provide many more important tips on how to use CBD and what it is actually good for. (Also check out our Ultimate Resource Page for Cannabidiol).

What is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a natural cannabinoid contained in the plants of the cannabis family. Both hemp and marijuana belong to this same cannabis plant family, but they are two distinct plants (technically, not taxonomically) with different CBD content.

Marijuana contains both CBD and quite a bit of THC. THC is an illegal substance in most states and countries as it causes an addictive high and has a potent psychoactive effect.

Industrial hemp, on the other hand, contains very little THC and a lot more CBD.

Patients who want the combined effects of THC and CBD to medicate their symptoms prefer high-CBD marijuana strains, while patients who want to medicate only with the non-psychoactive CBD prefer high-CBD hemp oil.

How Can CBD Benefit You?

CBD has many of the same beneficial medicinal effects as THC.

Studies on CBD and THC as medicine are quite recent, but there is already enough evidence to support that CBD can…

  1. Reduce Nausea (helps people undergoing chemotherapy)
  2. Improve Appetite
  3. Relieve Pain
  4. Reduce Inflammation
  5. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

There is also a lot of research currently done on the effects of CBD on cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and asthma, but so far, results have not been conclusive. Anti-cancer effects of CBD were seen in mice whose tumors were injected with the substance.

Keep in touch with the latest cannabidiol research for the newest information on its health benefits.

How Long Does CBD Take to Work?

CBD generally can take from a few minutes to a couple of hours to work properly, depending on the dosage, the method of consumption and the symptom you want to combat.

Vaping your hemp oil is one of the fastest ways to make it act, and you can try it easily and safely with our Vape Starter Kit.

Taking your CBD sublingually (for example, with our best herbal remedy for anxiety) is the second fastest method of absorption, giving you relief within minutes.

Applying CBD products topically leads to relatively slow and uniform absorption, ensuring that the skin remains moisturized and receives CBD’s benefits over a longer period of time.

Eating it as-is (or through delicious products like our CBD chocolate or our high-CBD hemp oil) takes longer, from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on how much you ate before and how long ago your last meal was. It is best to take CBD oil on an empty stomach for faster effect.

If you put your CBD oil in a drink or food, you have to wait longer for the effects, but you are also safe from side effects like headaches and dysphoria.

The strength of the effect depends on how much of a dosage you take and what you want to medicate.

Don’t depend on how long it takes others to feel the effects of CBD.

Everybody is different and reacts differently to CBD oils. The only way to know for sure how fast and how strong CBD works for you is to experiment.

Remember: Always start with low dosages first, and work yourself up slowly. Let your physician know before you start taking CBD, especially if you suffer from chronic illness and take medication.

How Much CBD Do I Need?

Depending on your ailment, you’ll need a different cannabidiol dosage depending on your symptoms. Also, each body reacts differently to CBD. Some people are extremely sensitive and need very little while, in rare cases, some don’t feel effects even with powerful dosages. Each person is unique, and you need to find your own sweet spot.

Still, there are some average numbers that can help you determine how much CBD you might want to start with.

Doses are best measured as pure mg of CBD, because each bottle has a different concentration.

It is safest to always start really low (2-3 mgs) and work yourself up to the recommended dosage. As soon as your symptoms are gone, you need to stop increasing the dose; if your symptoms worsen, discontinue use or lower your dose.

Where Can I Find High-Quality CBD Oil?

It is safest to stick to CBD-only vendors like healthyhempoil.com who invest in third-party lab tests and provide only reputable, US-manufactured products.

Hemp oil is expensive to produce with purity and quality, so you should steer clear from any suspiciously cheap offers and products, as they may contain substances you don’t want to ingest.

Do you have something to add about CBD? Tell us your opinion below in the comment section!

CBD Wax Review: What You Need to Know Before Buying

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is gaining a reputation for its beneficial properties for health, illness, skin and hair.  Research has suggested its positive influence on a long list of illness, from diabetes to arthritis.  With its ability to benefit a wide range of people, the market of CBD products is reflecting this range.

Those interested in adding CBD to their daily routines as either a general health booster or an alternative remedy can choose from a variety of products.  CBD can be taken as gum, capsules, and tinctures (drops), it can be vaped, eaten as chocolate, or applied to the hair or skin using CBD lotion, shampoos and more.  Different forms have different potencies and are suitable for different people who have different needs when it comes to CBD.

CBD wax is one choice when considering CBD products.  Let’s look at how it is different from other forms, how it is made, how to use it, and who might want to use it.  We’ll cover this all in a brief CBD wax review to give a comprehensive overview of wax products.

How to Use CBD Wax:

CBD wax has to be dabbed.  Dabbing is the process of heating a small amount of wax by applying it to the heated coil of your dabbing pen.  The CBD is then inhaled through an attached mouthpiece on the pen.  The heat vaporises the wax, allowing it to be inhaled through the mouth.

This process is becoming a growing worldwide phenomenon.  It allows one to feel the benefits of CBD almost instantly.  Another bonus of this method is that it allows each person to easily fine tune his or her dosage.  Dabbing can be safely used in combination with other CBD products; however, when first dabbing, it is advisable to start off small and increase dosage if need be.

The process of dabbing CBD wax is the same process that is involved when people dab concentrated cannabis (medial marijuana).  For this reason, dabbing CBD wax is sometimes shrouded in confusion; is it legal?  Yes, CBD is totally legal, and it cannot get you high.  It has negligible traces of THC, the compound attributed to the psychotropic properties of cannabis smoking.  Let’s take a look at how CBD is made to make this clear.

How is it Made?

The CBD in CBD wax is extracted using the carbon dioxide process.  This process is the best of all methods (C02 method, ethanol method and oil method) for extracting the purest form of CBD.  It’s thought of as safest as it removes unwanted substances such as chlorophyll from the oil produced.

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant in this case rather than the marijuana plant (both types of cannabis plant but with different properties).  This means that the CBD oil extracted to be processed into wax naturally contains low levels of THC and high levels of CBD.

THC is known to be concentrated in the flowers of the plant.  While medical marijuana is bred especially to be wide with lots of THC-containing flowers, hemp is not.  It is not grown with flowers; it is grown for height so its stalks can be used to make materials.  For this reason, the CBD extracted from hemp to make CBD wax is high in CBD and incredibly low in THC.

Who is it Suitable for?

Due to the high concentration of CBD in CBD wax, dabbing can be used when you need to feel the instant effects of CBD.  For this reason, people might choose to use CBD wax for things such as instant pain relief.

While most hemp products are safe to use for the whole family, as they are natural and often a healthy alternative to conventional medicines, CBD wax does need to be used with slight caution.  Firstly, as taking CBD wax involves heating the substance, it is not suitable for children.  In addition to this, women who are pregnant or lactating should not use these products.


CBD wax has many benefits, such as the purity and strength of CBD it contains or the immediacy of feeling its effects.  It provides the same plethora of health benefits as other CBD products, which have been supported by a growing body of research.

The process of dabbing wax is sometimes confused with the dangerous methods of dabbing homemade substances, which cause a sense of wariness around the product.  However, with CBD becoming more popular with the general population, misconceptions are beginning to dissolve.

Due to the nature of heating and inhaling the substance, CBD wax may not be suitable for everyone.  However, this method of dabbing is becoming increasingly popular.  If you are not sure which CBD product suits you most, you can take a look at what the best CBD oil product is to buy.

If considering a CBD wax product, then CBD concentrate dab oil is a product to consider.  It is safe, legal and convenient with high levels of CBD.

What are your thoughts on CBD wax in comparison to other CBD products?  If you use CBD wax, what reasons made you choose wax over other CBD products, or are you using a combination?  Please post your thoughts in our comments section.


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