Most Pet foods are like “fast foods” for humans – without all the nutrients and only made to taste good.

Hemp seed oil is better than fish or flax seed based oils because it naturally has the perfect Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio ( 3:1 ) of fatty acids which your dog needs.

Hemp oil is a natural moisturizer for animals skin. It is herbal and has virtually no side effects like fish oil – but it must be administered in the right quantities. Hemp seed oil prevents pets skin disorders such as dry nose, dog acne, dog eczema, dog rash and dog dandruff. Hemp seed oil can enhance blood circulation and stimulate pets cognitive thinking. Plus, it can thicken its fur texture and lessen shedding. Again, because hemp oil is extracted from the “industrial hemp” plant there are no psychoactive reactors. Customers can buy this product in our shop.

Side Effects While generally considered safe, here are some side effects to be aware of. Because of the high fat content – even though it’s the good kind – it may cause diarrhea. Start with approximately 1 tsp per day and work your way up to the recommended 2 tablespoon serving

Here is the recommended dosage of hemp seed oil for pets:

  • 10 lbs = 1ml
  • 20 lbs = 1.5ml
  • 30 lbs = 2ml
  • 40 lbs = 2ml
  • 50 lbs = 3ml
  • 60 lbs = 3.5ml
  • 70 lbs = 4ml
  • 80 lbs = 4.5ml
  • 90+ lbs = 5ml

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