Hemp Horse Bedding Benefits

Less Upkeep!

One of the most absorbent horse beddings on the market

2x more absorbent than straw or pine shavings

Higher salvage rate, since it is an industrial absorbent (absorbs 4x its weight), saving time and money

Hemp’s absorbency and material characteristics help trap ammonia and unwanted smells

Unlike some pine pellets and wood shavings, hemp has minimal dust, which is good for horses and owners with respiratory and allergy problems

Urine spots do not spread like pine shavings or straw

More comfortable and softer, so horses are more likely to lay down, achieving full sleep cycles

High thermal rating, keeping horses warmer while they sleep

Biodegradable and all-natural

Chemical free

More renewable than timber products (pine pellets, shavings, and sawdust)

Decomposes faster and is less acidic than pine pellets, sawdust, or wood shavings

Hemp Horse Bedding Application in 4 Steps

Muck out the stall completely


6-8 bags (30-40 cu. ft.) for a base (12’ x 12’ stall)

Add 1-2 bags each week to supplement lost hemp bedding from muck outs (exact usage depends on stall habits)

Replace every 1-2 months

Moisten the hurd material with 1/2 gallon+ (approximately 6-10 seconds) of water per bag used to activate the hemp bedding’s absorbent properties

Muck out

Manure – daily

Wet spots – daily to every other day

Stall – 1-2 months

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