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Hemp Ridge is a Not-for-profit association to manage the Hemp / Cannabis Education. As a Not-for-profit association, We can receive donations from the community to help in fulfill our mission of supporting all aspects of the hemp industry, educating americans about the thousands of uses for the hemp crop, and support our goal to make industrial hemp & cannabis fully legal at the Federal level in all 50 states. If you support what we do and would like to share our links. Share it, Help us spread the word of Hemp and Cannabis !

To make your donation, Please click on the “Donate” button below where you will have a choice to use your PayPal, Credit Card Or Debit Card. Currently, we received a lot of generous donations thanks to all of our donors! We believe public accountability is crucial. Join us at hemp events When we educate the public, See how much fun & interesting it gets. Plus you can see your donations at work. If you have any question about donations, you can send an email to Hempridge@Gmail.com

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